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  • Superior Quality
  • Fabulous New Display Booklet
  • Expanded Color Choices
  • Customer "Do-It-Yourself-Kit"
  • Marketing Support
  • Better Pricing
  • Speedier Delivery
  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction
  • E-Commerce Capabilities
New Marketing Strategy For Retailers/Decorators/Refinishers...We can do the selling for you through our new "Table-Tent-Program"

  • Eliminates pad separation and sliding
  • Unlike other fastening methods, our powerful, neodymium magnets are completely concealed
  • Eliminates damage frequently caused by other locking devices
  • Will not come loose, break or fall off
  • Saves time and energy (nothing to think about-nothing to do)
  • Fully functional up to 100 years

Fiberboard Core

  • Lighter weight than conventional pads made of layered material
  • Less susceptible to humidity and mildew than layered sheets
  • Saves space by storing upright without bowing
Our fiberboard manufacturing process costs us less, and therefore costs you less. Depending upon how you market and your annual volume, choose from several tailored-made programs that nearly guarantee you the best price.

Fabulous New Display/Demo Booklet

  • Booklet acts as a selling tool as well as an informational piece for a service or retail establishment
  • Fully functional, mini-magnetic pad that's built into sample, demonstrating how invisible magnets work
  • Expanded and larger color chart now displaying 24 color choices (including 6 of the most beautiful leather-tone colors in the industry)

Ongoing Marketing Support

  • Ideas on advertising and in-house promotions
  • E-mail photos, point-of-purchase displays, etc.
  • Suggestions on add-on products
  • Beautiful window posters to attract customers

Call 1-207-274-7660 for a confidential get-to-the-point discussion on how we can work together, or e-mail.